How can I submit a transfer ownership request?

Click Settings > Manage Plan > Transfer Ownership on your Self Care dashboard. Complete the form, then send your request.

When you log in to self-care, you’ll see this as the home page; click MANAGE PLAN to move on to the next page.

Will my nominee have to pay anything up front?

Your nominee must pay the RM500 foreigner deposit if they are not a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident. This sum will be paid in full up advance.

The foreigner deposit has already been paid by me. Can I give it to my nominee instead?

No, since you will get a bank transfer for your deposit reimbursement.

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What should I do if my nominee is staying somewhere else?

After the ownership has been transferred, the nominee may use Self Care to ask to have the service moved. To make a request, simply click Settings > Manage Plan > Relocate Service.

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Undoubtedly, it is hoped that today’s guidance will simplify your business for transferring ownership. If this partnership helps you, don’t forget to share it for the sake of mutual benefit. Good luck!

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