Sign Up for Auto Debit and save RM24 a year!



Save RM2 every month and never worry about paying your bills late again! Register for Auto Debit and let your payment be deducted automatically every month.


How? Watch our step-by-step auto debit registration guide below:

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Besides, you can straight away log in to our Self Care and follow these simple steps below to make your auto debit payment method available, which you can definitely do on your own and get it done at a fast speed!

Firstly, click on the gear icon and select AUTO DEBIT.


Then, click on the REGISTER button.


Next, check all the policies and click SUBMIT.


Finally, RM1 will be charged to verify your card. So, click on SECURE CHECKOUT, fill in your bank details, submit payment and you’re done!


Incase you’ve got any questions for this or need any help, feel free to talk to us via Live Chat. For time relocation guidance, you can follow the steps here.


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Lets us use this opportunity to share with you about the other fibre broadband service that we can offer to your new address or considering in switching to new fibre broadband.

You can find out more from Unifi Broadband or Maxis Fibre Broadband or Allo City Broadband

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